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Twitter died yesterday, what did you do?

Twitter got nailed yesterday like a 98 pound quarterback. It was so bad that it’s still spotty.  What happens when something so tragic occurs?  Well, I cried on my couch for an hour. Here’s how my day went…

First thing, I woke up and tried to tweet. Page Cannot Be Displayed. Arrgh.  Checked my connection and it was fine, so I Google “twitter down”.  There were only a few relevant results. Most of them from the past.  I thought, how would news be delivered immediately if Twitter is down?

Then I got to thinking.  So many people in such a short time have built entire businesses and marketing plans around Twitter.  It’s like the Gold Rush but more frantic and a little more stupid. Twitter is just a tool as is everything else. And clearly fallible.

How does this affect CRM?  Well, think about CoTweet, a great CRM tool for Twitter. Their business sucked yesterday. What happens to them if Twitter is attacked next week?  Great product, great company, terrible position to be in. What about all the businesses relying on CoTweet to handle their CRM needs?

The million (or billion) dollar problem is not accessibility and network stability. It’s using to few channels for building and managing customer relationships.  Twitter, Facebook, other social media sites are fantastic.  But they cannot be relied upon so heavily.

The promise of Social CRM is connecting companies to customers in the social networking space.  But that’s not enough. It needs to bridge the gap between online, offline, social, and automated communication. As well as sentiment and analytics of course. We need tools to help build better relationships all around. To transform fleeting digital profiles into real-live breathing loyal customers.



If I hear it one more time…

I use Google Alerts to watch certain search terms.  Every day I get an email with the latest blog and web content with the term “Social CRM.”  Roughly every other day there is a post somewhere about Twitter becoming Social CRM.  What?!  If I hear that one more time I’m going to vomit!

Customer Relationship Management

That’s what CRM stands for.  Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, and even LinkedIn are more about people watching that managing relationships.  And Twitter is the worst offender of all of them!  Facebook and LinkedIn have at least built in some features to interact and move toward the “management” of relationships.

Twitter is an awesome tool, no doubt. I tweet almost every day.  But it is not CRM.  It will never be CRM.  And what’s worse is all the talk about it distracts us from finding the real meaning and execution of Social CRM.

Use Twitter for what it is.  A massive dynamic and honest forum to monitor the vibe of your product and company in the marketplace. It is not a useful tool for building and managing trustful relationships that result in sales.

Please stop.  Let’s have more meaningful conversations instead of trying to get good search rankings by putting Twitter, Twitter, Twitter in web content.

It’s all about the customer dummy

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  Right?  But the functionality of most systems are more about Customer Management.  They aren’t focused on the relationship.  Sure they track customer activity and behaviors.  But they don’t really make relationships better.  THAT is the hope of people talking about Social CRM.

If you just kept tabs on your spouse’s activity and behavior…how would your marriage be?

Relationships aren’t about metrics.  That would be easy. Relationships are more complicated. They are more about opinions, feelings, attitudes, pet peeves, and other emotionally based things.  Modern CRM doesn’t track that.  Social media does.  And everyone is scrambling to merge them. Most are failing.

Got this from A. Prem Kumar:

From trying to “control” the customer experience, CRM will have to shift to “providing” customer experience & “enabling” collaboration on multiple levels by “participating” in conversations with the customers across various new social media channels and new locations on the online socnets/communities.

The businesses that understand the above need & incorporate it will come out winners, the rest will become whiners since they will be forced to incorporate those changes. Because of the onslaught of the technologies that are putting the power into the hands of the customers.

The new stuff will be about engagement, collaboration & co-creation with the customers by the business.

Social CRM is the peace pipe from businesses to customers armed with social media & VRM (vendor relationship management, which Paul equates to the Labor Unions!). But rather than pitting against each other, Social CRM should be able to bring together all the parties in a business ecosystem for collaboration & co-creation. It is no longer only business to customer but also the other way as well as customer to customer too.

Original post

I’m not sure if he was the originator but it clarifies what I’m thinking.  CRM has been looked at as an enterprise focused application with little or no thought for the actual customer.

Social CRM needs to merge the emotional customer and non-emotional enterprise.  It’s more than “watching” customers.  It’s actual interaction. Actual collaboration.  Actual relationship building in the customer’s natural environments.