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Why Facebook destroyed all other social media platforms

Excellent resource from Nielson about social media trends. The best part is on page 10 about what makes Facebook so successful compared to other platforms.

We can all learn from Facebook’s success. Most important, as we create other technology solutions, this template is a good one to follow. Don’t try to break the mold too much. Use a successful pattern and add your own twist but don’t change it.  Just make sure the pattern truly is successful!

Original PDF report


Factors contributing to Facebook’s rapid growth

Design. An organized, simple and

easy-to-use interface – with much less

advertising compared to many of its

competitors – is likely to appeal to a

wider audience.

Broad appeal. Facebook isn’t targeted

towards a specifi c demographic like many

other players (e.g. StudiVZ to students or

Bebo to young adults) – ironic considering

that it started out as a network for

university students.

Activity Focus. Facebook is focused on

connecting as opposed to entertainment.

It can be used for multiple networking

activities – reuniting old friends, business

networking, dating, sharing photos,

status updates. Facebook is Reunion,

LinkedIn, Yahoo! Personals, Flickr and

Twitter all in one.

Architecture. Inventive features (including

applications, invites, requests) and open

architecture – including the masterstroke

to open the platform to applications

developers – have increased word-ofmouth

and visitor engagement.

Privacy. Members have more control

over who sees their content than in

many other networks where nonmembers

can access personal content –

a concern for many people.

Media coverage. Facebook’s early

momentum was given a huge boost due

to the large amount of free media

coverage it received.

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