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Sticking to your core business

A lot of CRM companies can learn from this article: Original Article

Excellence doesn’t come from pursuing the flavor of the month. You may make a few bucks in the short term but your business won’t last.  Be true to your core.  Stick closely to your main business.

CRM companies are trying to go “social” but they are not social media/networking companies.  They have different DNA. Instead of trying to tackle the latest trend, focus on making your CRM tool better, easy, faster, and more useful.  That may include integrating social features.  But it doesn’t fundamentally change your platform.

The point is to stay true to your core. When Google launched Picasa, News, Gmail, Maps, and a myriad other platforms, the focus of ALL these ancillary products was search and ad placement. Period.

They built other products only if they supported their core business. It’s hard to do.  But seems to have treated Google just fine.