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Context Matters More Than Anything

If I’m a sales person looking for information on a prospect, I want the latest, most relevant content. I don’t really care about articles written two years ago. Problem is in current web search, relevance is largely determined by age (starting to change). Yeah and backlinking–which requires time to establish.  In the future, relevance will be about volume, proximity, and syndication (sharing).

In the same example, better information for me is a compound of all current/recent “chatter” about my prospect, where it is being generated and the sentiment behind it (dare I say Web 3.0).

More important is taking this “new” massive pile of information available and making sense of it in the context of the current user AND the current task.  CRM stands to be the center of a new revolution of real-time data aggregation, search, and presentation.

It’s a complex task with many moving parts touching on multiple scientific disciplines. We just need to be careful not to make things more complex.