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I swear this isn’t plagerism!

Okay, so I just ran across a great blog from Christopher Carfi.  It’s called The Social Customer Manifesto.  Sheesh.  I practically copied his blog name!

I actually have never seen this blog before so I can still sleep well knowing I didn’t completely rip him off.  The relief though is that we are talking about slightly different things.  I haven’t read all his stuff but he seems to focus on the actual customer.  I’m more focused building better systems. I love it!  I’m looking forward to digging into Christopher’s stuff.

Social CRM is about the customer.  Hands down. We need to understand their needs, desires, nuances, temperaments, and everything else about them. And we need good systems that help us digest, analyze, and use the information in a profitable way.

I’m still working on the Social CRM Manifesto. Until it’s done, let’s ponder Christopher’s Social Customer Manifesto.